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Well, maybe drama post isn’t the correct phrase to use, but it feels appropriate, so I’m gonna go with it. Time for a quick update!


First, the blog is gonna go on a little bit of a hiatus. Not for too long I hope, but at least for the rest of month of October. The reason? Two fold, first, I’m moving! My roommate bought a house, and we are moving into it! Horray! It has confusing light switches! Seriously, I have never been in a house with more confusing or awkward light switches. Ever.  So it shall be a challenge. Moving is never fun, though.


And the other reason? Well, It’s a bit more personal than that, but to make a long story short, I may be dealing with depression again. It’s something that happens, but I’m beginning to think that it might be time to consult a doctor or something, as I keep going in and out of this funk, and what I normally do to combat it like writing or doing my podcast is just no longer doing it. So, yeah, little worried.  I’ve been feeling this way for about a week now, and I think it’s time to get some help. It may just be doom and gloom from the move (heh, it rhymes. kinda) but… I dunno.


So, here’s what is going to happen. We currently have one more podcast to be done before the month ends, it’s being edited now, so I should have it out soon-ish. Not 100% on the actual date, but it will get out. Then, a bit of a break to finish the move, and then we go from there.  I’ll still be around on Twitter and such,  so it’s not like I am disappearing. Just a bit of a break from writing to get the move done.

And now you know!


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