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Batman Arkham Knight!!!

Well, it seems that Rocksteady studios can’t get away from the Dark Knight. While the jury is out on Arkham City Origins ( a game designed only to make money) , as I havn’t played it yet, I was always worried that Rocksteady would walk away from Batman before they could finish the story properly. And if for some reason you didn’t check out Arkham City back in 2011, I strongly advise you do, as I’m about to SPOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT! It was probably one of the best games that year though, so hopefully I’m not spoiling it for anybody. But that was your warning.

Arkham City ends with the most interesting setup in a Batman story. Joker’s dead? The city is bound to believe that Batman finally did it. How will the other villain’s in Batman’s rogue gallery react? The Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC sort of teased a revenge idea, but never really went through with it. But did lay some strong hints for a future idea. I admit, after seeing it all, I got hyped knowing that I was good hands and Rocksteady would surly see this story to its epic conclusion in a matter of years.

Imagine my disappointment when Origin’s was announced, looking back to Batman’s… well, origins, allowing it to ignore the story fans wanted to see in favor of a more traditional Batman story. I was worried the series would soon fall into the footsteps of Assassin’s Creed, and would before long forgot or ignore it’s most interesting idea. The fact that Rocksteady Studios were not making it also lead me to worry, that if they were to go back to the idea, another company would probably make it worse. But it appears my fears were all for naught.

It’s great to see that Rocksteady were in fact making that Batman game I wanted. A conclusion was greatly needed, and it appears at some point this year, we will get it. It’s way to early to say anything specific about the game’s design, other than the announcement that A) it’s a next gen game, meaning unless your on the PC, you need a PS4 or XBONE. and B) Apparently the city will be big enough to warrant taking the Batmobile out for a cruise. Hell yeah.

This is another reason for me to upgrade to a PS4, and I’ll be perfectly frank, I’m excited as hell for it. I’ll be sure to keep my eye on this one.

Now, I have to go back to playing South Park Stick of Truth.


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