Podcasting, Gaming, and Whatever strikes me at the time.

Who am I? or what to expect with this blog in general

I’m a guy who grew up gaming, like so many others in my generation. I can vaguely recall playing Pac-man in a arcade on my mom’s lap in a bowling ally at a young age. And I have been gaming ever since. There is just something special about picking up a game and enjoying it that I find is lost today. So many focus solely on  competition, on high scores, or records of some kind. Me? I’ve never really been into that, I just prefer to be lost in the wonder that a game can have. I’m a sap that way.

I don’t hold any system in high regard, I just enjoy gaming, so I end up writing about… well, really any game that catches my eye, from indie titles, to AAA’s, to blunders, and F2P.  I’ve bought every major system up until this new generation, and I also consider myself a collector, slowly building up a collection of games that really catch my eye. I also write reviews for FutureRetroGamer.com, and have my own podcast, where me and two buddies talk about movies that we have seen.

Really, I put it all out there for discussion. My opinion is only my own, and I try to be as level headed as I can about these things. If I like something, I will tell you, if I don’t, I will tell you. It’s only how I see things.  Feel free to comment, like, dislike, and do all the other things people do. I just like to post about the things that entertain us, and I hope to hear new and interesting ideas in gaming.

If twitter is your fancy, I can be found here: https://twitter.com/Tylergamenerd


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